AV Rack

What is an AV Rack?

AV racks are a standardized frame or enclosure used to house a variety of Audio Visual, Home Automation and Unified Communication equipment such as Digital Matrix switches, amps, players and other devices. They are great for reducing clutter in rooms and work areas, as they contain all the sources such as Apple TV, Sky Boxes, UC Servers,  PlayStations etc. These can then be discreetly distributed to a number of locations.

Why Are AV Racks Used?

An AV rack makes sense if many different audio/video technologies are going to be added to the same room or multiple rooms. Benefits of AV racks include the following:

  • Racks help to organize your hardware and cabling to make more efficient use of space.
  • Reduced clutter in the rooms. There is no longer any need for devices in every room, they can all be stored in the AV rack and hidden away. Racks can be different sizes, making them easy to be discreetly stored anywhere from cupboards to specialised AV rooms.
  • Racks help protect equipment from dust and dirt by storing it out of view and casual reach.
  • Racks make maintenance, repair, upgrading and setting up easier as the equipment is stored together in one place.
  • Hot temperatures can damage devices and cause them to malfunction. AV racks protect against this by keeping electronics appropriately ventilated because they are designed for airflow and heat dissipation. Other options such as shelves and wire racks restrict airflow, potentially causing your equipment to run hotter than it should.
  • Racks are safer as equipment can be secured safely, rather than simply resting on shelves or units.
  • Racks improve power protection, as all equipment in the rack can be protected at once, rather than have various surge protectors throughout the building.

We have a facility in our High Wycombe HQ where we can assemble AV racks and test them before shipping to site.  If you have an AV project in mind and are considering whether to invest in an AV rack, get in touch. One of our experts will be happy to help.

If you are interested in finding out more about our projects, please click here to go to our case study pages.

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