Summer COnference 2019

While our quarterly newsletter helps share information regularly, there isn’t anything quite like the opportunity to meet face to face. Smartcomm hold two formal events each year – the Smartcomm Summer Conference and the Smartcomm Christmas Party. There are also a number of more informal events, like the recent Bowling night and we do love a cake sale for charity. Often we have teams doing more energetic things for charity too, such as our Smart Commandos who raised money for Brain Research Charity.

At this year’s Summer Conference, we got to hear the latest company news, celebrated our wins, welcomed new staff, celebrated long term employees and our Employee of the Month. We also had the opportunity to ask questions and meet with the Directors in a less formal setting.

Seating at the event is carefully organised, so tables are a mix of numerous teams. This helps everyone get to know colleagues outside of their usual teams. This year our fun team activities included a quiz and got us all working together. From feedback, the new members of staff particularly appreciated this, as it was a great way for them to get to know folk from different Smartcomm departments.

Unfortunately we can never get our entire team together – our customers come first and this can mean some members of our team are at customer sites. So while the entire Smartcomm team cannot necessarily attend, the majority plan around this event, this includes those based at customer sites full time.

Our Summer Conferences are a great opportunity for us to catch up with colleagues, round a free bar with good food in a beautiful setting.

What’s not to love?

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