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Did you know that while the vast majority of meetings involve only 2 to 4 people, over half of the conference room space is built for six or more participants? This is why huddle rooms and spaces are  a popular addition to modern offices.

What is a huddle?

The term, when used for work environments, was coined in 2003 by an IT management company. It means a quick team meeting usually for around 2-6 people. The term was inspired by sports team huddles at half time or during breaks, when they gather to reset, share thoughts and motivate each other.

What is a Huddle Space?

Huddle spaces are specific seated areas which are equipped with audio/video capabilities to facilitate team huddles of around 2 – 6 people. Perfect for small team meetings, impromptu client meetings, brainstorming sessions, staff meetings, one-on-ones and small group presentations. Huddle spaces allow teams to hold impromptu discussions without the need to reserve a meeting room.


What are the benefits?

  • No reservations required – perfect for impromptu meetings
  • Efficient use of space – turn underutilized small areas or meeting rooms into useful space while saving large conference rooms for meetings with more people
  • Collaboration – having the opportunity to chat or huddle at a moments notice, even with remote staff included, boosts teamwork, collaborative workflows, creativity and problem solving
  • Cost saving – these areas are comparatively inexpensive to set-up when compared to a large conference room
  • Hot desking opportunities – can be used flexibly for when remote and travelling staff are in the office


Points to consider

  • Connectivity – a wireless video conferencing solution with BYOD capability makes sharing quicker and more efficient.
  • Acoustics – if the huddle space is enclosed, consider the sound insulation and if the huddle space is open consider booths which dampen sound.
  • Lighting – while access to natural lighting is recognised as being healthier, it can affect content visibility on screens. It is important to make sure any displays are positioned optimally.
  • Display – while it is possible to huddle round a laptop, the screen tends to be quite small. A larger display with screen sharing capabilities will make it easier to share content and include remote colleagues.

If you are interested in adding a huddle space to your office and would like to advice, why not get in touch today. We offer free no-obligation consultations with our experts on these and other AV related projects.

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