The start of the new year is always an exciting time, especially for the AV industry. We are passionate about Tech and would like to share our thoughts on the AV Tech Trends 2024 by looking at the new AV and AV related systems and solutions we anticipate will make an impact in 2024.

With good reason, AI is trending right across the tech sector. In terms of  AV Tech Trends 2024, we think we’ll be seeing a lot more functionality and generative automation this year. For consumers, voice commands via smart home platforms combined with integrated smart home ecosystems will deliver unified control, automation and recommendations in the home. In the commercial arena, automatic volume levelling, voice recognition and facial recognition will have a hugely beneficial impact on conferences and presentations.

With AI tools becoming available which make it easier to impersonate and deceive, investment in the trust, risk and security management solutions has ramped up accordingly. We anticipate seeing more solutions and systems come to market which will have the necessary sophistication to block these threats as they arise.

Always an exciting arena. There are some incredible advances which are set to make a splash in 2024:

  • Flexible OLED screens have made it big within the mobile industry and are set to go large in the display arena with solutions like rollable OLED displays which can retract like a window blind. We are looking forward to seeing what will be presented at ISE this year.
  • Displays are getting larger while reducing in price. This will continue to drive adoption of large screens in commercial settings, such as video walls, but we anticipate seeing it more and more in high-end home cinema/media rooms.
  • Micro LED displays – with perfect black LEDs these displays deliver sharper resolution, higher brightness and incredibly detailed lifelike images for an outstanding user experience.

Sustainable Technology
We are looking forward to seeing more eco-friendly products and solutions available with reasonable price points. We also think there will be more transparency as to origination, use of recycled materials and recycling options. There is a huge opportunity within power measurement and regulation to drive efficiencies and reduce impact on the planet and costs. Due to the efficiency gains and other benefits, one recent Gartner study projects 75% of CIOs will be in charge of sustainable technology outcomes. This will certainly help drive adoption.

Going wireless has always been popular. With Wi-Fi 6 and now the ratification of Wi-Fi 7 to go ahead in early 2024, this trend is set to continue. Wi-Fi 7 offers advantages like lower latency, faster throughput and enhanced transmission rates to bring huge advantages. Sectors like enterprise, public sector and education will benefit from better coverage, faster speeds for wireless presentation solutions and multi touch displays. It won’t just advantage commercial sectors either. Consumers will also be able to experience 320 MHz, streaming and seamless connectivity make going wire free a major convenience.

Augmented Connected Workforce
Conferences and virtual meetings are going to get better. Solutions like holographic displays which produce 3D images without glasses, to object-based audio formats like Dolby Atmos which can place sounds anywhere in a room will allow virtual meetings to become more compelling and cost effective. This will impact sustainability goals with reduced travel and while more workers are coming into the office, it will certainly help those on business trips and who still have hybrid roles to connect with colleagues.

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