We love music! Immersion in soft background music can really enhance your home environment in many ways, both indoors and out. We can help you find the perfect speakers too:

  • Invisible speakers which offer superior sound coverage, without detracting from the interior design of your home.
  • Directional speakers which drench you in sound but are area specific, allowing you to create little pods of focussed audio.
  • Discreet visible speaker incorporated into bespoke covers, enhancing the design of your home.
  • All weather, durable speakers are perfect for patios and pools, bringing the music with you.

We design systems that are upgradeable to keep up with the trends and evolving with your changing needs. All solutions offer fingertip control using ipads or other tablets. Wireless audio streaming and airplay mean you can listen to what you want, where you want, at the touch of a button. Music servers house your music library in digital format, making it accessible anywhere in the world.


From fabulous family rooms to gorgeous home gyms and from bathrooms to swimming pools, at Smartcomm, we can recommend the perfect TV or screen and also suggest how it is displayed or mounted. Whether you want it sitting within the wall, hidden or for it to magically appear, we can make it happen. Watching music videos, home videos, TV and other streamed content wherever you relax or work out, adds a well deserved element of luxury and convenience.

Thinking about a home cinema? 9 reasons why they are so good:

  • Experience. The true, ultra high definition (4K) images offered by the high quality projectors in a home cinema theatre are better quality than at a public cinema.
  • Atmosphere. Dolby Digital Atmos surround sound speaker system brings the movie to life.
  • Ultimate comfort provided by luxury bespoke seating mean you can relax and enjoy the experience more.
  • Ambient lighting provides the perfect backdrop.
  • Stylishly designed to fit your home and requirements, including acoustic panelling and soft furnishings.
  • Custom designed engineering and programming for finger tip control make it easy to start, select, watch end enjoy.
  • Privacy and convenience. Watch what you want, when you want, wearing what you want. Pyjamas are perfectly acceptable in a home cinema.
  • Entertaining guests and children is much easier with the lure of cinema entertainment. From little ones to teens to the elderly, a home cinema works for all
    …and don’t forget
  • Wow factor.

IT Solutions

Imagine how easy it would be to have total control over lighting, entertainment, music, heating, security and even curtains and blinds at the touch of a button?  Control Systems are designed to integrate everything, reducing the mass of remote controls for different pieces of equipment down to a single touch screen. Convenient and time-saving, they allow you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy. We offer a wide range of user-friendly interfaces, hand held or wall mounted and many device options so that you get the solution that works best for you.

We have a dedicated Smartcomm Service & Support team, who will help you with your system once it has been installed. This team can also help with any potential further customisation you might require, once you have lived with the system for a little while, such as the end-user touch-screen controls and remotes.

We provide a full range of security services including fingerprint entry systems, electronic access control, automatic gate systems, and monitoring. An integrated security system can be set so that the lights switch on and off in the same pattern as the previous fortnight – perfect when you are on holiday as it gives the illusion that people are still at home.

Options include:

  • CCTV: Cameras with secure hard-drive recording.
  • Video Gate Entry: Video entry panel with audio allows you to screen visitors before allowing access.
  • Internal: PIR movement detection can be linked to the lighting or audio system as a deterrent.
  • Alarm System: Can be programmed to switch off all lighting, TVs and music when it is set so that you don’t have to remember when leaving the house. An energy-saving and environmentally-friendly feature.
  • Remote Access: Use your mobile or palm to send messages to control access to your property, remotely lock or unlock doors and windows, set the security alarm in case you forgot before you left home or turn it off in case of a false-alarm.
  • Door Entry: Biometric entry systems allow keyless entry using finger/palm print recognition for ultimate peace of mind.

Communications & Concierge

If you’re looking for a more cost effective landline, mobile, wifi or broadband connection then we can help. Our engineers are up to date on the latest technology and can help steer you down the right track.

We also offer Simplikate. Simplikate is a leading Mobile Application developer that specialises in building and amenity software. Their sophisticated concierge platform is used in residential complexes around the world in over 1 million units. It can be programmed to provide residents with an assortment of amenities including reservation services, front desk management, valet, dining, amenity management and even access to cameras around the property. So you can view conditions outside before leaving your apartment.

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