Video and audio conferencing is cost effective and boosts productivity and collaboration. However, unless you have a decent sound system in place, it is easy to miss out on these benefits for example meetings held in large rooms can lose impact if the speaker cannot be heard well by all participants.

Clarity and user experience are enhanced with the subtle placement of discrete directional speakers and ceiling speakers and microphones within conference rooms while central speakers work well for smaller spaces. Let us help you choose the solution that works best for you.

We can also help generate significant cost savings with VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, effective if your business has heavy phone usage, especially with international contacts.


First impressions are important. Call us at Smartcomm if you want to add the wow factor to atriums and waiting rooms with a video wall.

Video walls are large electronic displays of an image or images and can really add value to your business, by showcasing and building your brand and as a means of communicating to customers. Modern video walls are created either by connecting large format displays together  or by using high resolution/small pixel pitch LED panels. The video wall is then updated and managed easily via a control panel tablet or pc.

Digital signage is basically using a screen, or bank of screens, to present information. Cost, ease of updating and the eye catching opportunities have made this a much valued resource.

Advertising and promotion of services and goods are great ways to use digital signage but there are other uses too including displaying real time information, identifying if a meeting room is available, acting as a direction finder and signalling when the next appointment is free.

Whatever the use, we can help identify the best solution. Why not get in touch today?

IT Solutions

Hot desks, breakout rooms, communal areas and more
From breakout rooms to idea studios to communal areas like receptions and cafeterias, Smartcomm can offer effective solutions to ensure consistent connectivity. This helps promote the collaboration, idea generation and employee communication and satisfaction that these areas are ideal for. We can even advise on hot desk areas.

Homeworker Managed Services
Homeworking brings many benefits for a company, not least cost savings and employee satisfaction. Smartcomm offer effective solutions to ensure consistent connectivity between the office and home to maintain productivity and minimise down time.

Network Security
Reduce or eliminate your organisation’s vulnerability from cyber attack with a customised network security service from Smartcomm.

Let Smartcomm work with you to give you all the control you need in the palm of your hands. Fire up a meeting with the touch of a single ‘screen on’ button. Change the position of the blinds in your office, the feed on your video wall or the office lighting all with the same ease from your Smartcomm programmed control panel. Responsive, convenient, intelligent and modern, the control devices we programme depend on the functionality and price point required.


Unified Communications – Video and audio conferencing is cost effective and boosts productivity and collaboration. Although the options are vast, we can guide you through the available solutions from integrated skype for business, to desktop point-to-point systems and to fully integrated multi-point configurations. Use our experience to find one that will best satisfy your corporate environment requirements.

Consultation Services – If you’re looking for a more cost effective landline, mobile, wifi or broadband connection then we can help. Our engineers are up to date on the latest technology and can help steer you down the right track.

Voice & Data Structured Cabling – With Smartcomm taking care of installation and monitoring, you can have the peace of mind that you have the optimal cabling solution available.

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