Design & Build

Our approach is a collaborative one. The consultation and design stage is where our highly experienced System Designers conduct an in-depth assessment and analysis to completely understand your business needs. Every system we create is bespoke, designed to meet the exact requirements of our customers. Our designers look at all aspects, from the application and the aesthetics down to the infrastructure and budget. They then offer a comprehensive proposal with a clear financial breakdown.

Our team is happy to work with any architects, interior designers or other parties involved in the building process, to incorporate Smartcomm proposals within their drawings, if necessary. We find that this high level of interaction, not only  creates a solution that meets  expectations but one which will exceed them.

Tender Proposal

With over 20 years experience in the AV, IT and Communications industry, we have successfully worked with many industry consultants to successfully bring their vision to life with custom-made systems. If you haven’t tried us before, why not give us a call and see how we can help you with your next project?

As much of our business is generated by recommendation, our System Designers work hard to completely understand the project specifications. Our System Designers look at all aspects, from the application and the aesthetics, down to the infrastructure and budget. They offer a comprehensive, competitive proposal with a clear financial breakdown. Our designers are so good, that their consulting services are often used in a pre-sales context with industry consultants to help them win the deals. We can offer both on-plan integration services and those with CDP (contractor design portion).

Delivery & Integration

Once your system is designed and approved, the next stage is the procurement, delivery and integration of the equipment. This is a key part of the process and rest assured that our Smartcomm teams are highly experienced in all areas, from network port setups to carpentry, from programming to installations. We have a reputation for punctual delivery, accurate budget planning and good on site representation. Our partners rank us highly in project assessments.

Each Smartcomm delivery team is headed by a Project Manager, who makes sure everything runs to schedule. We ensure you get the best service possible by adding another level of client championship, in the form of our division Project Director, who oversees all Commercial projects.

Commissioning & Programming

Commissioning is a vital part of the whole project. It is at this point our project experts come on the scene, to identify and correct any potential issues. They make sure resources like operational user manuals are in place and that forward support, such as on site engineers, will be available. We call this a soft launch, where we have our team on hand to explain, train and show how things work. In our experience, the more comfortable and confident  you and your team feel using your new equipment, the faster you will see the benefits.

Having the equipment installed is just the start. Your system now looks the part but does it work the way you want it to?

During the programming part of the commissioning stage our specialist Programming Engineers fine-tune, test and debug your system to ensure that everything operates properly. All Smartcomm installed systems are programmed in such a way that even the most complex systems become easy to use. Our in-house graphical user interfaces are specifically tailored to meet both your aesthetic and functional requirements, ensuring that your system is efficient and user-friendly. Don’t forget that we’ll spend time showing you and your team how to use your system.  We understand that the sooner you and your staff are able to fully use your new technology, the sooner you will get the most from your system and the happier you will be about the project.

Smartcomm Leasing

Leasing is a popular way for organisations to pay for the installation and servicing of AV, IT and Building Management systems. It is effectively a rental agreement, where the equipment and support is essentially rented for a term between one and five years. Payments are made monthly or quarterly.

With the current economic uncertainty, Smartcomm has partnered with Westwon Leasing and Asset Finance to offer clients lease rental and lease purchase options. There are many advantages to spreading the project and support costs:

1) Cash Flow – instead of committing to a large capital outlay at once, the cost is spread over years freeing up cash for other projects.
2) Self funding – the equipment effectively pays for itself while it is being used.
3) Tax benefits – depreciation can be claimed as an expense and therefore reduces the tax burden on the business.
4) Fixed payment structure – allows business to to keep monthly expenditure within budget.
5) Full solution – it is possible for the business to invest in the full solution rather than completing a project piecemeal as the funds come in.
6) On Rental Agreements – the VAT is included in the rental payments, so paid off in increments and not as one large lump sum
7) Ease – Smartcomm offer the full service from helping you get the lease agreement in place, to designing, installing, integrating and supporting your equipment. We can remove and upgrade the equipment too.
8) Productivity – with a rental agreement, the equipment is always the latest solution allowing companies to take advantage of technology advances and updates.

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