Division: Residential
Project Location: Kent
Project Duration: 6 Months
Project Value: £65K
Project Lead: Steven Worrell, Managing Director

Project Features

  • Home Cinema
  • Living Control System
  • Slim 2 Domino Projector
  • Integrated blind, heating and media control
  • Bespoke faceplates on wall mounted touch screens


In Brief

Smartcomm worked with Interior Designer, Green Amber to create an aesthetic home inside and out, stocked with the finest home automation embellishments. The technology is an integral and discrete yet powerful part of the finished  house. The Interior Designer found the system easy to use with very little practice and agreed with this aspect of technology for their customers. Behind the simple front-end interface, the control systems are all pervasive, installed into the very structure of the buildingAs the interior designer, Green Amber set the budget and specifications for what they wanted to achieve, Smartcomm advised on the solutions that best fit the brief.

The end result was the epitome of modern, luxurious living with intelligent technology and home entertainment thrown.  With ultimate comfort and convenience, this shows how technology and design can work in perfect harmony.


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